Accel is the creator of the Youtube channel, and, usually, the protagonist of the different videos. He is, most likely, a Teku that wears sunglasses and has brown, spiky hair. He owns two cats, Pablo and Vivian, despite the fact that they are never mentioned in most of the continuities. He is a fan of a variety of franchises, Transformers and Pokemon being the most prominent. Accel appears in almost every video.

1st Acceleracers ContinuityEdit

Accel has a much different appearance in this series. Rather than the outfit most commonly seen, Accel wears a black baseball cap, no sunglasses, a green shirt, and jeans. He drives Reverb.
Accel metro

Accel in the 1st Acceleracers continuity.

2.0 ContinuityEdit

Accel now uses the more commonly seen outfit, with the only difference being that he uses Robloxian 2.0. He drives Slingshot and Bassline, and lives in a regular house with his friend and experienced car collector, Vin, next to the Acceledrome. He won the Swamp Realm Accelecharger.
Accel 2.0

Accel in the 2.0 continuity.

Expansion ContinuityEdit

Accel changes nothing from his appearance in the 2.0 continuity. He drives Slingshot and Power Rage, along with possibly other cars that are unknown due to most of the footage of this series being lost to a computer breaking.

May 31st ContinuityEdit

This is the first appearance of Accel's linear look, and one of only two continuities to reach the final realm. Accel drives Slingshot, an unnamed Teku motorcycle, and temporarily, Battle Spec. He won the Swamp, Lava, and Cliffside Accelechargers.

Accelmade ContinuityEdit

This is the first appearance of Accel's linear look, and the first continuity that branches from Accel's World Race video, which is used as a starting point in the continuity. The continuity gets its name from the fact it used Accel's places for the series. Accel drives Slingshot, Nightlife, and Drift Tech. He won the Swamp Realm Accelecharger.

Geared ContinuityEdit

This continuity was the first to feature enser14's realms. Named after first episode, "Shifting Gears". Accel drives Slingshot

Halfway ContinuityEdit

Accel drives Slingshot and Drift Tech. He wins the Swamp Realm Accelecharger. The continuity got its name from only being finished halfway.

Canon ContinuityEdit

Accel drives Slingshot, Drift Tech, and Spectyte. He wins the Swamp Realm Accelecharger. After completing the Ultimate Race and winning against Gelorum, he is captured by the Silencerz. Afterwards, the continuity branches into two different paths.

Aftermath BranchEdit

Accel drives Niobium, Slingshot, and Reverb. He wins the Wind and Blizzard Accelechargers. After escaping from the Silencerz a second time with help from an Acceleron, he takes down their base.

Pablo BranchEdit

Accel escapes from the Silencerz and tries to forget about everything, but after Pablo goes missing, he gives up everything to find him. After the explosion of the Explosion Men HQ, with Pablo still not found, he quits and starts a motel chain, because with new Admin powers, dead memes and other threats. In a pivotal point, he stops and hunts for Pablo for many more years, until he gets a new lead in 2036.